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Myzone Partnership 12 months on

Manchester personal training course Myzone C
13 December 2021

It’s just over a year since we launched our partnership with leading wearable heart rate technology giants, Myzone. Learners on our Level 3 Personal Training course have received an MZ-3 Monitor to use as a learning tool during their studies.

During the course, learners use the technology not only to understand how HR training can be used to accurately measure client progress and training sessions, but also how technology can be used to help build their PT business.

How we have been embedding Myzone

Vector Training learners cover a range of topics on their Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training course, from Anatomy and Physiology, to programming and business acumen. Myzone has been used throughout the course, as a great tool bringing to life some of the topics covered.

This includes a special Myzone weekend, at our partner facility FORM, where our learners complete a number of Myzone tests and workouts covering a range of different training systems.

Hear from our Lead Tutor, Alex Hurst on the impact Myzone has from a learning standpoint.

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