Vector Training Alumni Programme

dedicated to growing and developing the community of Vector Training graduates
Vector Training alumni 2023

About the programme

At Vector Training, we want all of our learners who complete our courses to continue their relationship with us. We understand that sometimes after a training course, learners can often feel as if their learning stops and they are expected to find their own way with limited support. We also know that many of our graduates would love the opportunity to continue to gain specific support from industry experts and network with fellow professionals.

So, we decided to create the Alumni Programme. All of our graduates are given access to the Alumni Programme, which is dedicated to growing and supporting the community of Vector Training graduates.

The Alumni Programme provides graduates with continuous development long after their course finishes, including:

  • Access to job opportunities and discounts across the fitness industry
  • Free social media groups for support
  • 10% discount on future courses with Vector Training

We are huge advocates of lifelong learning and we want to build a community of like-minded people who are passionate about developing in their industry

Rich Lepori

Vector Alumni Partners and Employers

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