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Vector Training personal training course Wattbike workshop
22 November 2021

Vector Training are delighted to announce we have recently partnered with Wattbike in a move that will bring world class training to learners studying on our Level 3 Personal Training Course in Manchester.

This partnership will be the first of its kind in the UK, similar to our partnership forged with Myzone, and brings another substantial boost to the skill set our graduates will possess when entering the fitness industry after their studies.

Head of Education at Wattbike, George Caines says:

This new partnership means all individuals will be trained on how to use the Wattbike, learn about the capabilities of the bike, as well as the different training methods the bike can be used for.
“From performance testing all the way through to off-feet conditioning and rehabilitation, Wattbikes offer a broad variety of training support for users, so it’s important gym instructors and PTs on the gym floor have a detailed understanding of how the bike can support its users. It’s great to collaborate with Vector Training and we’re excited to develop the relationship further over the coming months.

Vector Training Founder, Richard Lepori says:

We are delighted to be able to announce this education partnership with Wattbike. It’s the first of its kind in the UK and highlights our dedication to working with industry leading organisations to develop training that will help our personal training students qualify with the skills to build their careers in an ever changing industry.
Our students will work with the Wattbike throughout different stages of their Personal Training course, including completing the official Wattbike Foundation Workshop. The fitness industry is always evolving, and using technology and data to improve client performance has never been more important.
Wattbike is the go-to piece of kit for high performance sports organisations across the globe and for our personal training graduates to be able to effectively use it with their clients will accelerate results and help them stand out from other personal trainers who haven’t been trained in maximizing Wattbike features.

Vector Training Lead Trainer, Alex Hurst says:

The integration of Wattbike education into our Level 3 Personal Training course is a fantastic opportunity for our new trainers entering the industry and something I am personally ecstatic about.
Personal Trainers qualifying with us at Vector are going be working with the Wattbike throughout their course and will be learning how to utilise data and build in training principles into their client’s programmes to maximize performance and help them to reach their goals. Our learners will learn how they can utilise Wattbike in different parts of their business with clients from performance testing, conditioning, and rehabilitation.
This partnership will further enhance our learners’ journey when qualifying as Personal Trainers, giving them the skills to successfully use one of the world’s leading conditioning tools, and help them make an impact from the off when building their personal training careers.

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