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Level 2 Multi-Skills Development in Sport: Great choice for coaches

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06 January 2020

The Multi-Skills Development in Sport qualification

The qualification accredited by the sport specialist awarding body 1st4sport, developed in partnership with UK Coaching. The qualification aims to introduce coaches to the processes and principles of supporting child development through multi-skills. Perfect for those delivering PE and coaching sessions to primary school aged children.

The qualification focuses on 5 main tasks:

1. The principles of coaching

2. Fundamental movement skills

3. Sport specific skills

4. Plan, deliver and review sessions

5. Delivery of an observed session

Why we rate it so highly

Fundamental focus

Although other NGB level 2s do cover a small amount of fundamentals, the Multi-skills course has a true focus on how fundamental movement skills can aid child development. The course content provides coaches to expand into the stages of development, and specifically the types of activities that are best suited for different groups.

This focus has a true impact on coaches on the course because often when they attend the course they possess an array of activities for their specialism(s) but not much beyond that. If delivered right, by experienced PE specialists, the Multi Skills course can give coaches multiple new ideas and techniques for delivery.

Also, by developing the fundamentals in movement and sport skills like striking, sending/receiving etc it provides a platform for children to be able to progress into structured, organised sports training in the future. It is often the case professional athletes were excellent at other sports growing up, which usually points to great fundamental skills that they could apply to different sports/activities. For example footballers Phil Neville was the captain of the U15s England Cricket team, whilst Jarred Hayne, the rugby league star, was picked up in the NFL with the 49ers as well as switching to play rugby 7s with Fiji.

Focus on inclusivity and differentiation

The qualification makes specific reference to inclusivity and differentiation, and coaches must provide explanations and examples within their portfolio. This is great for those delivering in primary schools, especially those delivering curriculum time PE lessons. Differentiation and inclusivity are essential to provide enriching PE lessons and ensure that every child in their session is stretched and challenged, and achieves. Not to mention it’s something that OFSTED and other stakeholders who observe lessons will want to see evidenced.

It’s beneficial for coaches who may not be too comfortable or experienced with both of these terms, and this section of the course often provides key developments for the coach to take away into their practice.

Photo by Jackie Hutchinson on Unsplash
Photo by Jackie Hutchinson on Unsplash

Local authorities and schools seal of approval

Some local authorities that oversee the PE provision within its local primary schools state that external coaches deployed to deliver PE sessions should have specific qualifications. It is often the case that they either require a number of NGBs level 2s or a PE in school sport qualification. For many, the Multi-Skills satisfies this, due to its focus on child development and sessions that are accessible for all within a PE lesson, rather than a coach who may only have a level 2 in rugby or netball who may not have a broader range of general activities and skills.

Compliments other PE in School Sport qualifications

With its core principles around child development, inclusivity and differentiation (as discussed above) the course compliments other PE and sport qualifications like the PESS Level 3.

Our own Multi Sports Development Lead Coach Programme

Ok, we might be slightly biased because we deliver the qualification but we’ve always had learners love our 3-day course and take numerous points away and apply them into their coaching practice.

Our 3 day Multi Sports Development Lead Coach programme includes the Level 2 Award accredited through 1st4sport, activity master-classes from our PE and School Sport specialist tutor, and enrolment to the Vector Alumni Programme which includes sector updates, entry to networking events and discounts on future courses (as part of our alumni you will receive 10% off any future course – forever!).Learners are eligible for the programme with the following pre requisites:

Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Learning in Physical Education and School Sport
A Level 2 sports coach
Accredited Gym Instructor qualification
QTS + Physical Education specialism
BSc Degree in Sports Coaching (inclusive of practical delivery)
– or other equivalent based on individual application

Check our course dates or contact us for potential courses in your area.

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