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Myzone vs Polar: Which Is the Best Wearable Heart Rate Monitor for Me?

Myzone vs Polar: Which Is the Best Wearable Heart Rate Monitor for Me?
09 August 2023

Are you looking to track your heart rate accurately and make the most out of your workouts? With the plethora of wearable heart rate monitors available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that suits your needs the best. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of heart rate monitoring, comparing two prominent brands – Myzone and Polar – and helping you decide which wearable heart rate monitor is the perfect fit for your fitness regime, wherever you workout.

An Introduction to Myzone and Polar

Before we delve into the details of their wearable heart rate monitors, let's introduce the two leading contenders: Myzone and Polar.

Myzone: Myzone is a fitness technology company that focuses on providing accurate and personalised heart rate monitoring solutions. Their goal is to motivate individuals to achieve their fitness goals by making heart rate tracking engaging and interactive, which is highlighted by their massive presence in different facilities across the globe. Myzone offers a variety of heart rate monitors and straps that cater to different levels of fitness enthusiasts.

Polar: Polar, on the other hand, is a well-established brand in the fitness tracking industry. With decades of experience, Polar has a strong reputation for producing high-quality heart rate monitors and fitness trackers. They are known for their advanced technology and accurate heart rate measurement capabilities.

Available Heart Rate Monitor Strap Models

Both Myzone and Polar offer a range of heart rate monitor strap models designed to cater to various fitness needs. We’re going to compare some of the popular models from each brand:

Myzone MZ-Switch: The Myzone MZ-Switch is a popular heart rate monitor strap known for its accuracy and versatility. It tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and effort in real-time. One of the standout features of the MZ-Switch is its personalised effort points system, which gamifies your workouts and encourages you to push harder. It's compatible with most fitness apps and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Building on the MZ-3, the MZ-Switch allows users to wear their monitor on their chest, wrist and arm.

Polar H10: The Polar H10 is a top-tier heart rate monitor strap offered by Polar. It's praised for its exceptional accuracy and compatibility with various fitness devices and apps. The H10 includes advanced features like built-in memory for heart rate data storage during swimming and interval training, making it a favourite among competing athletes.

Polar Strap

Pros and Cons of Each Brand

Now that we've introduced the heart rate monitor strap models, let's break down the pros and cons of both Myzone and Polar to help you make an informed decision:

Myzone Pros:

  • Engaging Effort Points System: Myzone's effort points system adds a fun and competitive element to your workouts, encouraging you to reach higher intensity levels.

  • Community and Social Interaction: Myzone has a strong emphasis on community and social engagement. You can connect with friends, join challenges, and celebrate each other's fitness achievements.

  • User-Friendly App: The Myzone app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to track your workouts, view progress, and set goals.

  • 1000s of facilities use Myzone, so you will often be able to get your data displayed while you train, whether that is alone or in classes.

Myzone Cons:

  • Chest strap or nothing: Some users have reported that the main reason for going with Myzone is for the accuracy of their chest strap. The MZ-Switch allows for use on your wrist and arm however it isn’t as accurate, using a different system to monitor your HR. Therefore some users stick to MZ-3.

Polar Pros:

  • Accurate Heart Rate Tracking: Polar's heart rate monitors, including the H10, are renowned for their accuracy, making them a great choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who require precise data.

  • Compatibility and Connectivity: Polar heart rate monitors seamlessly connect with a wide range of fitness devices, gym equipment, and popular fitness apps, offering versatile tracking options.

  • Advanced Features: The Polar H10's features, such as built-in memory for swimming and interval training, cater to diverse training needs.

Polar Cons:

  • Limited Gamification: While Polar's heart rate monitors provide accurate data, they might lack the gamification and social features that some users find motivating. The data from Polar can seem a little “cold” compared to Myzone.

Which Brand Is Best for Different Types of Fitness Goers?

Now that we've compared the pros and cons of both Myzone and Polar, let's consider which brand is best suited for different types of fitness goers:

  • Myzone for Gamification Enthusiasts and Sociability: If you thrive on competition and enjoy a gamified approach to fitness, Myzone's effort points system and strong community engagement might be perfect for you. It's an excellent choice for individuals who want to make working out a social and interactive experience.

  • Polar for Accuracy and Competition Athletes: If accuracy is your top priority, especially if you're a serious athlete or engage in specific training programs, the Polar H10's unparalleled accuracy and advanced features make it a standout option. Its compatibility with various devices and apps ensures you can seamlessly integrate it into your training regimen.


In the battle between Myzone and Polar wearable heart rate monitors, the right choice ultimately depends on your fitness goals and preferences. Myzone shines with its engaging gamification and community features, making it ideal for those seeking an interactive fitness experience. On the other hand, Polar stands out with its advanced capabilities, catering to athletes and individuals who require precise heart rate data.

Before making your decision, consider your fitness priorities – whether it's social motivation or accurate training insights – and choose the brand that aligns with your goals. Regardless of your choice, investing in a reliable heart rate monitor strap will undoubtedly elevate your fitness journey and help you reach your desired milestones.

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